David Platt to make LIFE CHANGING decision in the wake of his horrific rape ordeal

14th Mar 18 | Entertainment News

The fallout from this will be huge…

David Platt’s nightmare will begin in the next few weeks when his supposed new friend Josh rapes him.

But that’s only the beginning for David as it’s now been revealed that Josh will terrorise David after the incident which pushes David to plan a move to New Zealand with his dad.

Corrie viewers will see David wake up in Josh’s bed and come to the horrifying realisation that he was raped but that's just the beginning as when after he returns home, desperate to wash away all remnants of the night before, he’s left stunned to hear Gail talking to Josh downstairs.

Josh clearly thinks nothing wrong has happened and continues on as normal with everyone around him, including David.

Speaking about his character’s attitude, actor Ryan Clayton told Metro.co.uk: “In his head he totally believes that it’s consensual and will try to buy that for as long as possible.”

“David has an awareness of what has happened, so when he tackles him, this guy isn’t going to just disappear, he’s going to hold his ground. The confidence that you see now, which is the affable cheeky chap who is flirting with everybody, leads to the manipulation.”

“It’s very hard for David and that’s when it becomes a sort of men’s mental health story, which is that David can’t deal with what he’s internalising and this guy is still there and charming everybody.”

David ends up pushing everyone away including his family and Shona as he struggles to deal with what happened and ends up going to visit his dad Martin in Liverpool to escape the situation.

Although he never tells Martin, his dad knows something is seriously wrong.

While he is in Liverpool with his dad he makes the life changing decision to move to New Zealand with his dad, but how will Gail and Shona react to the news?

Will he actually go or will he stay and face up to Josh?


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