7 of the best podcasts to tune into if you're a fan of fine wine

23rd Feb 18 | Lifestyle

Whatever your poison, you're bound to find the podcast for you

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There’s nothing better than a relaxing glass of wine at the end of a long, stressful day, but sometimes it’s tricky to choose just which grape we’d like to sample alongside our dinner. Luckily, your days of standing bemused in the alcohol aisle should be coming to a close.

Try giving one of these seven wine podcasts a go. Full of helpful product recommendations and interesting new perspectives, you’re sure to be inspired, whether you’re new to the game, or a longtime aficionado of fine wine…

Serious Crozes from The Greek, the famed caviste of Tain. See if you can find some.

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1. Wine Two Five
We all have that one old friend we seem to meet up with solely for the purpose of enjoying a boozy afternoon. Listening to Valerie and Stephanie, two professional wine educators, wax lyrical about their favourite reds, whites, and rosés, really does feel like you’ve just dashed into your nearest wine bar to catch up on all the latest gossip. The pair produce a weekly edu-tainment show, with the aim to chat everyday drinking for everyday people, each episode opening with the tongue-in-cheek quip that: “It’s not 5pm, and they don’t care”.

2. Wine For Normal People
If you’d like to learn more about fine wines, but dislike the snobbery that can come alongside it, this is the podcast for you. Host Elizabeth Schneider may well be a certified sommelier, but she hasn’t allowed her knowledge of wine and its history to go to her head. Her passion is palpable covering topics like, how to develop your wine palette, the flavours of rosé explained and even, what Brexit means for the wine industry.

3. Bring Your Own
An educational series about wine and the people who make it, BYO is produced by people who like to drink it. Hosted by Derek Morrison, each episode sees him joined by a new collective of voices to discuss a specific vinous niche, such as the wines of South Africa or grower Champagnes. The conversation flows freely and easily between the charismatic cohorts, so get comfortable and listen in for some delectable suggestions about what to drink next.

4. Guild of Sommeliers Wine Podcast
The Guild of Sommeliers, more commonly known by the less ostentatious pseudonym GuildSomm, produce a podcast ideal for anyone with aspirations of becoming a professional wine steward. If you’re more of a casual than a connoisseur, don’t let that cool you off. GuildSomm’s output may be aimed at a more experienced audience, but still remains accessible to those who might not know their Syrah from their Pinot Noir.

5. I’ll Drink To That! Talking Wine with Levi Dalton
Levi Dalton, a former sommelier, interviews well known and knowledgeable figures from the world of wine, chatting openly about their careers and passions. Perfect for those who like an expert opinion, this podcast has been running since 2012, meaning there are plenty of episodes to choose from.

6. Wine & Crime
A podcast where three best friends chug wine and chat true crime may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re seeking an alcoholic outlet, especially as the focus here is far heavier on the crime than the wine. However, it’s an exciting break from the traditional wine podcast, so prepare yourself to be both educated and entertained. Hosts Amanda, Kenyon and Lucy match their wine of the week with their theme – cold cases call for a chilled Sauvignon Blanc, for instance. Hint: there’s more fun to be had if you drink along at home.

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7. A Glass With…
If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to drink with the stars, you’re in luck. In this podcast Olly Smith, wine editor of The Mail on Sunday and recurring guest on BBC One’s Saturday Kitchen, snags a famous face with whom to chat about wine – and much more. Entertaining and intelligent, past episodes feature Pink, Dawn French and actor Sam Neill.

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